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New Performance @ Blanton Museum of Art

"The Blanton presents a compelling and timely new installation of SoundSpace, our acclaimed music series. "SoundSpace: Refugees" features works written by, performed by, or depicting the experience of refugees. These performances occur throughout the museum in galleries featuring art that touch on refugee themes. This program is included with museum admission. SoundSpace is organized for the Blanton by Artistic Director Steve Parker, who notes “Music and art cross national boundaries all the time. These creative works by refugees and about refugees’ stories can help reframe our ongoing public conversation about the role of immigrants and refugees in our daily lives.”"

Through projected image, sound and performance, García's Sharing Ablution attempts to link humanity's social responsibility to our neighbors in need, to the teachings of Jesus that many would say have been jettisoned by some contemporary practitioners of Christianity in the United States (particularly with regards to foreign refugees.) Many refugees cross rivers and oceans to survive and start a new life and while Jesus' washing of his disciples' feet was an act of humility and humanity, within Christianity, water also symbolizes a washing away of humanity's inherited sin. This participatory piece provides viewers a chance to cleanse and start anew.

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