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Remarks Delivered on Creative Placemaking

Below is the entirety of the text I wrote and delivered as part of Luminaria Festival's Panel on Creative Placemaking. It was organized by the Western Arts Alliance. I approach this topic from the stance that Creative Placemaking is more about the programing that takes place in the physical space than the physical space itself. It is merely the conduit through which the content is delivered. And yes, you did just hear a site-specific installation artist just say that space isn’t as important! It’s not that spaces aren’t important, it’s just that the identity the spaces embody, can’t exist without having ideas as an entry point for the public. In my personal artistic practice and curatorial p

Speaking on a Panel about Creative Placemaking

I will be speaking on a panel in San Antonio tomorrow at the Café Commerce, in the Downtown San Antonio Library as part of the Luminaria Festival. The topic is Creative Placemaking and I am joining Ron Berry of the Fusebox Festival, Amada Cruz from Artpace and moderator Sixto Wagan of The University of Houston’s Center for Arts Leadership. The discussion begins at 3pm and was organized by the Western Arts Alliance.


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