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Mil Disculpas

I am headed to Mexico City again soon to work on a new performance about guilt that arose when I acquired my Mexican citizenship last year. Despite already being a Mexican-Amercian, the ease with which I was able to get a Mexican birth-certificate and and passport have weighed heavily on my mind as DREAMERS and other immigrants are having such a difficult time with their statuses in the US. This performance will take me on a journey to my beloved Mexico City, the seat of the country's federal government to make a pilgrimage across its extensive Metro transportation system. As an act of penance, I will make my way to every station (195) and ask forgiveness so as to earn my citizenship. The ph

New Video and Performance

Excited to be working with my friends Russell Reed and Jim James again in producing a new video and performance for the Austin Chamber Music Center's Pride Concert for the brilliant composition Feminine by Julius Eastman. Join us at the Carver Museum on July 10th at 7:30 PM for our 10th Annual Pride Concert, co-curated by Russell Reed & Jim James. Program Femenine by Julius Eastman (1940-1990) Musicians Bryan Kennard, flute Steven Ian Savage, clarinet Justin Scheible, violin Karoline Leal & Joseph Shuffield, violas Rylie Harrod, cello Andrew Potter, bass Adam Bedell, percussion Russell Reed & Jim James, pianos


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