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Mil Disculpas

I am headed to Mexico City again soon to work on a new performance about guilt that arose when I acquired my Mexican citizenship last year. Despite already being a Mexican-Amercian, the ease with which I was able to get a Mexican birth-certificate and and passport have weighed heavily on my mind as DREAMERS and other immigrants are having such a difficult time with their statuses in the US.

This performance will take me on a journey to my beloved Mexico City, the seat of the country's federal government to make a pilgrimage across its extensive Metro transportation system. As an act of penance, I will make my way to every station (195) and ask forgiveness so as to earn my citizenship. The phrase "Mil Disculpas" translates literally as "one thousand sorries."

I will document the pilgrimage via photos and video and social media. Follow along with the hashtag, #ProyectoMilDisculpas .

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