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Article in Conflict of Interest

Thank you, Alison Staar, for the interest in mine and Ryan's work. Much appreciation to Conflict of Interest for providing the platform and desire to provide coverage of art and literature here in Austin!

Suspension of Belief

Thank you Ryan , Zac, #MoHA for the opportunity to create #SuspensionOfBelief for #thecagematchproject. Also couldn't have made it all come together without the invaluable sewing skills of April, and sweat (and sunburn) from Joey and Karita ! --------------------------------- The ideas presented in this work represent multiple, entwined themes common to many Latino migrant worker experiences, particularly those of female immigrants. Be it through human trafficking, or abuse at the hands of other migrants or employers, they are taken advantage of, often with small children in tow. These sacrifices are made just to have a chance to create a better life for their families. They are asked to tak

SXSW short video about my work

The City of Austin Cultural Arts Division sponsored #SXSW Faces of Austin project has uploaded this year's selections, one of which was created by my best friend Dave Bellesen about my work. Great work Dave and thanks for making me sound coherent!


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