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Suspension of Belief

Thank you Ryan , Zac, #MoHA for the opportunity to create #SuspensionOfBelief for #thecagematchproject.

Also couldn't have made it all come together without the invaluable sewing skills of April, and sweat (and sunburn) from Joey and Karita !


The ideas presented in this work represent multiple, entwined themes common to many Latino migrant worker experiences, particularly those of female immigrants. Be it through human trafficking, or abuse at the hands of other migrants or employers, they are taken advantage of, often with small children in tow. These sacrifices are made just to have a chance to create a better life for their families.

They are asked to take leaps of faith, suspend their belief, and their worth for a chance at a better future. The title “suspension” is also used here in its scientific sense: a mixture in which particles are dispersed throughout the bulk of a fluid. Women are transformed anonymous molecules, asked to dilute their beings to become a part of something larger, to lose their characteristics, their language and sadly too often others’ respect for their bodies.

As I have lived and taught with this immigrant community for fifteen years, I have seen first hand the pain and hardship that it brings onto these families especially when it is kept quiet out of fear.

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