Multidisciplinary artist & independent curator Michael Anthony García, claiming both Mexican and US citizenship, while based in Austin, Texas, predominantly focuses his practice around photography/ video, sculpture/ installation & performance. He is a founding member of Los Outsiders curatorial collective & has curated large-scale exhibitions of international artists, in & out of the US. He participated in the 2011 Texas Biennial & has won awards both for his curatorial & 3D work. He co-hosts an intersectional conversation podcast named El Puente and is publisher for POCa Madre Magazine. García has premiered work for The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Experimental Action Performance Art Biennale in Houston, The Contemporary Austin, SoundSpace at The Blanton Museum of Art, Mexic-Arte Museum, El Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico, and ThreeWalls in Chicago.


My practice manifests itself through performance, sculpture, installation, photography, video and the blurred areas between them, engaging via my own personal stories and experiences navigating the human condition. Much of my work explores my layers of identity, how they shape me and affect my perception of/ by the world, in a political expression of Latinx Futurism founded in emotion, and utopian projection. Collaging objects, ideas and stories, I approach my work as practices (much like yoga or meditation) through which I can embody (perhaps in futility) an emotional positivity, “going through the motions” and “faking it till I make it.” This parallels the way our bodies react positively and release endorphins when we force a smile and acts as a way to project hope into the world with humility and humor to improve myself and in turn the world.

photo credit: Cody Bjornson