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"agua gusgo" at The Projecto in April 2024

“In Agua Gusgo, interdisciplinary artist and independent curator, Michael Anthony García considers humanity’s relationship with violence and mortality’s ubiquitous presence. Central to the works presented is the written word, expressed via sculpture, installation, painting, and performance, exploring violence through/versus creation. 

Agua Gusgo translates from Spanish to “gluttonous water,” though the word “gusgo” can also mean “having a sweet tooth,” ruminating on whether there are circumstances in which violence, as a response to adversity, can be justified, and if so, under what conditions and to what extent.  García’s elegiac works also ponder the fleeting nature of life, our impermanence, and our earthly tethers, both in relation to the tide of violence and through nature’s sweet, insatiable tooth.”


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