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FUSEBOX Festival

April 14 - 18, 2022

Distribution Hall

As a means of showcasing Austin’s vibrant art scene and connecting it to the more performance-based core of the Fusebox Festival, guest curator Michael Anthony García presents this year’s visual arts programming at the Fusebox HUB:

The “It’s NOT” Fair

It’s a playful take on the idea of art fairs and booths, representing eight of the important galleries and collectives in the city’s art nexus. Presented as a sci-fi alien menagerie/ collection of works of art that embody the essence of each art space and their programming.

The “It’s NOT” Fair features the work of Cande Aguilar, Hiba Ali, Jay Roff-Garcia, Steve Parker, Andie Flores & Sam Lavigne, and Mónica Vega, sponsored by grayDUCK Gallery, Black Mountain Project, Co-Lab Projects, Ivester Contemporary, Museum of Human Achievement, and Big Medium respectively, while both ICOSA and MASS are each collaborating within their organizations to develop installations as collectives.

  • Cande Aguilar (grayDUCK Gallery)

  • hiba ali (Black Mountain Project)

  • Andie Flores & Sam Lavigne (Museum of Human Achievement)

  • Steve Parker (Ivester Contemporary)

  • Jay Roff-Garcia (Co-Lab Projects)

  • Monica Vega (Big Medium)

  • ICOSA Collective

  • MASS Collective

The second part of the Visual Arts Programming takes place at the gallery spaces themselves through an Art Cruise. Join us as we hop from space to space, enjoying signature cocktails at each stop to take in the work and learn more about the galleries and the exhibitions. You will need to provide your own transportation (bike, car, ride share). Carpooling is encouraged!

A limited edition set of collectable cards will be available at each stop. Collect them all!

Some artists being shown include: Mónica Vega at Big Medium, Ezra Masch at Co-Lab Projects, Soomin Jung at grayDUCK Gallery, Sarah Sudhoff and Cruz Ortiz at Ivester Contemporary, Silky Shoemaker, Michelle Devereaux and Tailgate Projects at MASS Gallery, and Mai Gutierrez and Erin Cunningham at ICOSA.


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