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SXSW Interactive Speaker/ Moderator with Artist Tammie Rubin

From the SXSW site: "Artists are continually exploring through experimentation, process, and research.The content for making often begins at the personal; individual histories, identity, experiences, and narratives. Yet the art practice must expand beyond the individual into the contemporary world. Often there is a meeting of the personal with political, sometimes an overlapping, sometimes spillage, and at times headlong collision. In this session, Tammie Rubin and Michael Anthony García both artists and educators will discuss negotiating the territories of artistic making involving the meeting of the personal and political within an individual art practice."

Come hear what Tammie Rubin and I discuss some of the driving forces behind our practices at our SXSW Session.

JW Marriot,

Salon D

March 20, 2020

11:00 am

Platinum and Interactive Badges Only

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