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Experimental Action Performance Festival

I had another incredible experience participating in the Experimental Action Performance Festival in Houston, TX meeting and working with incredible artists from all over the world.

I debuted two new pieces, Olvídate, which, through audience members as proxies, explored the search for forgiveness and peace from micro-aggressions I've experienced throughout my life as a person of color. It was a meditative practice in finding peace of mind.

In the other piece, entitled No Temes, I turned a Mexican folktale on its head. Originally about a young woman who sneaks out of her parents' house to go to a dance and ends up dancing with and falling in love with the devil, in my version, I made it ok for audience members to cross that line and dabble with the dark side a bit.

No Temes: photos by Rei (Meng Ying Li @spectat0r)

Olvídate: photos by Rei (Meng Ying Li @spectat0r)

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