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YLA: Young Latino Arists 11 at Mexic-arte Museum Austin, TX

Go to Mexic-Arte Museum and see the latest installment of YLA which is curated by Alberto McKelligan Hernández. I contributed one piece to the show but there are some other great works and artists in this show. It's up until October 1, 2006.

Other artist in the show are: Roberto Bellini Monteiro (Brazil), Catherine Berlanga (Corpus Christi), Kimberly Garza Campbell (San Antonio), Jaime Castillo (Austin), Eric Daniel Chavera (Corpus Christi), Hector Hernandez (Austin), Joe Peña (Corpus Christi), Luz María Sánchez (San Antonio), Angel Quesada (Austin), Cesar Alexander Villareal (Austin) and Grace Zuniga (Corpus Christi).


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