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Self-Portrait show at DORF

DORF Opens 2019 Season and West Austin Studio Tour with Self-Portraits. This group show expands the framework of self-portraiture while exploring culture, race, sexuality, gender, and religion. Featuring works by Alan Beckstead, Margarita Cabrera, Bug Davidson, Jennifer Ling Datchuk, Michael Anthony Garcia, Christine Garvey, Katy Horan, Terry Powers and Sara Vanderbeek. Opening reception: Thursday, May 9, 7–10 pm. Open hours: The exhibition coincides with the West Austin Studio Tour and is open to the public May 11–12 and 18–19 from 11–6 pm. Check out our new website! DORF announces Self-Portraits, a group exhibition that takes as its starting point the idea that an artist's work is a reflection of their identity and experience. These nine multidisciplinary artists explore the power and vulnerability in portraying oneself while confronting socio-political and socio-economic notions of culture, race, sexuality, gender, and religion. Through painting, sculpture, video, animation, ceramics, screen prints, installation and performance, Self Portraits pushes the boundaries of self-portraiture. Garcia’s work delves deeply into personal experiences while casting a broad glance across society and its perceived norms. Recently, his work includes social practice work and overtly political themes.

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