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TEMPO: El Capacitor

As part of Austin's Art In Public Places office, I have been commissioned to produce a new work for their TEMPO programming. I have spent the summer designing and building "El Capacitor" and will finish installing this week!

In "El Capacitor", I am creating a site-specific installation at the Metz Park in Austin, TX. Through empowering imagery this work deals with the transformation of the neighborhood surrounding the park over the past decade. The title's reference to the nearby decommissioned Holly Power Plant is the Spanish cognate for "a passive element that stores energy in the form of electric field," is meant to symbolize the dormant, potential energy within a community that is being "decommissioned" as well.

The installation uses flags, made of clothing from residents in the area, as both a means of staking claim while the poles act as abstracted conductors. The base of the work is both a stage and symbolic interface through which residents can amplify their voice. I would like to create programing to periodically take place at the work so as to engage the neighborhood and add a sense of ownership.

Programming will follow during Big Medium's East Austin Studio Tour. Stay tuned!

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